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  • Hey guys,

    I've been searching everywhere, but did not find anything so I will ask here.

    I have a probelm with my player collider. I'm trying to create a Doole-Jump-like behavior, i.e. whenever my character hits the ground of a platform, it jumps. The problem is my character is kinda wide, but it has two tiny legs. I want it to jump only when its legs hit the platform, so I've set up a thin collision polygon. However it jumps as if a bounding box was used, i.e. he jumps even when his feet are off the platform.

    I am using" player - platform is on floor > player - platform set vector Y " in my event sheet.

    I know I am overlooking something, but what is it? Thanks for any tips...

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  • Does your player have multiple animationframes and is the colission polygon te same on all those frames?

  • Well, that is probabaly it. Thank you. Now I see I should've posted this to "Beginner ....". Thank you anyway!

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