Problem with cloned sprite and collision

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  • I've tried to make some kind of tunnel with two sprites as a barrier for entrance and exit of the tunnel.

    These sprites are cloned. Now if the collisions of both sprites are enabled it doesn't work. Only if I disable one of the cloned sprite collision events or use a completely new sprite as trigger point, it works. Why doesn't it work with cloned Sprites?


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  • I'm trying to grasp what you mean, to simplify your example, I replaced your position hop on collision (and variable setting) with a flash behavior. Player collided with each of the 3 fine. Is it something with the position hops?

    edit: actually, just disable the variables that only let the hop happen once, and it does seem to collide with each.

  • That was my failure. It should collide and teleport to the other line. Problem was that it teleport in the line not behind or before so without the variable to do it only one, the sprite jumps back and forth. With variable it looked like it would not collide and to make it worse the cloned line was thicker than the one from the new made sprite. So it only teleport in the line of the cloned sprite.

    So it was my failure.

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