I have a problem with Bullet Behavior.

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  • Hi guys!

    I'm doing a play top-down space shoot and my enemy and moved up and down through the behavior and the same bullet also shoots the bullet with projetios behavior. Sometimes when the enemy shoots and soon after launched and destroyed the missile changes its trajectory. In my case the enemies are shooting with several different points, 90 degrees, 75 degrees and 105 degrees.

    Anyone have any idea why projetios change its trajectory after being thrown?


    *Sry bad english

  • We would need to see the logic, either a .capx or a screenshot of the events.

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  • My initial assumption is your logic just says:

    When EventA happens, set bullet angle to whatever

    You probably need to nest that as a subevent after the bullet creation event so that it only happens to the current bullet being spawned and not to all bullets on the screen...

  • Thanks for the help. Looking at the code could solve the problem by count a number to the object instance and applying shoot routine for each.

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