Problem with Bounce of Solids

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  • Hi could do with some help please.

    I'm trying to have my character bounce of solids with a bullet behaviour and it works fine except when i'm sliding along a solid my speed increases to almost double, now i've tried everything to cap the speed and nothing works.

    Using Debug layout i can see that no values are different from normal movement in an open space , it just seems to be bouncing along the wall really fast and making it appear to move faster.

    I've tried all other movements for my character but the idea of the game only really works with bullet behaviour.

    To see it in action all you have to do is add touch, create a bullet behaviour object choose bounce of solids and every tick set angle towards Touch.x touch.y

    then put a solid along the layout and move along it and the object speeds up, i've tried this in a completely new project and it still happens so i know nothing is causing it in my own games script, which leads me to believe its the behaviour itself causing it

    So does anyone know how i can make my character stop sliding along a wall at increase speeds.



  • Are you able to post an example capx?

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  • i've decided to move away from it , sorry for the waste of time

    i've figured out what was causing it and it was just the bullet behaviour itself when you choose bounce of solids and move along a wall using touch or mouse controls it bounces of the wall and the controls move it against the walls causing a bounce effect , there isn't a way around it but i realised i was tryin to get bullet behaviour to do to much and when i got round to testing on mobile it turns out my idea was terrible , fingers covering the screen to much and controls to sloppy, so i'm just gonna use an analogue stick and 8 direction movement which works out fine on mobile, again sorry for wasting your time and thankyou for the reply. however if you still want to see the effect in action let me know and i'll whip up a .capx with it happening

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