Problem with bomb delay (or bug Famalies.UID)

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  • Hello!

    Faced with the problem of multiple families.

    In the attached example, implemented a bomb with a time delay, which can be put out (broken) with a probability of 50%

    If you make a lot of bombs in a row, with "failure" of a previous bomb break seq.

    Used to make a bomb Mouse.Left to instantly "explosion" is used Mouse.Right at the facility.

    It can be noted that if the error press Mouse.Right for broken object "Broken" is the next object is still executing.

    From observation, I thought UID for Families is not working properly and it is a problem for loading

    PS: Several families Bomb and BombDelay - it is strictly necessary.

    PPS: I'm sorry for my english

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  • I added a condition for families OnCreated Bomb and BombDelay and it is called each time you create, but the UID parameter in these families is not increased.

    It's bug ?

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