Problem with Ball falling through Object on Start of Layout

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  • On start of layout there are several wooden disks created at random locations with bullet and destroy outside layout behaviors.

    There is a Gold disk with only the fade behavior created at center of layout, then the ball which has 8 direction, fade, destroy outside layout behaviors on top of this disk.

    When the ball rolls off this Gold disk it fades with 'set size' Starter.Width -1, Starter.Height -1, and the player then has to keep the ball on top of the wooden disks by tilting their device. If the ball rolls off a wooden disk it gets - 'start fade' -- 'set size' > Silver.Width -1, Silver.Height -1.

    All of that works great.

    The problem is, when the player dies and the layout restarts, the 'fade' and 'set size' actions will sometimes run on the ball. The Gold disk is still there, till the ball is destroyed after fade out, then the Gold disk starts its fade.

    It seems that if the layout is run each time the ball will stay on the Gold disk, and the fade/ set size actions will not run. Which is what it's supposed to do. But again, if the player dies and the layout restarts, sometimes the fade/ set size actions will run. Sometimes 2 or 3 times in a row before it corrects itself and the ball stays on the Gold disk.

    I've tried adding 'solid' behavior to the Gold disk, but this pushes the ball off of itself. 'Platform' doesn't work. I haven't tried 'pinning' the ball to the Gold disk, yet.

    There are very few different events in the game. Most of it has to do with moving the wooden disks. I've checked to make sure the ball events are not above or below other events/actions that may make it wonky, but it all seems fine.

    If anyone has some things for me to try or some info, greatly appreciated.

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