Problem with APK building : Cordova bug, Crosswalk size...

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  • Hi everyone,

    First of all: new here so sorry if this has been already / asked solved (tried to search but found nothing).

    I'm currently making an Android game using Construct2.

    I build the APK with Intel XDK.

    => I tried the classic Android build but cannot manage the asked authorizations. I'd like to ask for the minimum and it is set to the maximum by default. Don't know how to change it.

    => Then, I tried Crosswalk which works fine but the APK file is 52 Mo. I do not manage to lower it. Too big for me and my 2 Mo game.

    => So, I tried Cordova (beta) and it's OK with the authorizations and the size! But when I install the APK and launch the game, it seems two games are launching at the same time. I can see them two game screens when I'm on landscape. Also, the speed of the game is awful.

    Any idea on how to build a working APK, with minimum authorization and a reasonable size?

    Thanks for you help

  • This will help you as it have really helped me, ... d-phonegap <<<Manual

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  • You can try build apk with coconjs which is has output small size. But cocoonjs doesn't support form button, input text and letterbox scale. But i suggest you build with crosswalk as native app. Maybe you can reduce image background, sound or sprite by compress them all, dont use any splashscreen because it will be big size in the apk file

  • I have a similar problem and my game is really simple.

    With Intel XDK:

    • Android Cordova build I got an 708kb apk
    • On Crosswalk build the touch event is fine but I got a 17mb apk.

    With CocconJS

    • 9mb apk that prompt an error during install;

    I am still looking for a proper solution or probably I will write my game as a native Android in Java.

  • Hello guys,

    For some reasons, I did not receive your answers' alert messages and only see them now. Thanks a lot.

    I saw that Intel XDK released a new version two weeks ago with Cordova by default. I'm currently trying it. Still have the "double launch" bug so I'll try harder

    I'll let you know if I find a solution...

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