Problem: Animation is not playing completely

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  • Hi guys!

    So I want the sprite of my enemy to start and play a certain animation and to stop movement if my player sprite is near him! He stops his movement and actually stops at the first frame of the animation I want him to play.

    That horned guy is enemy.. He is standing still as intended and stops at the first frame of the animation

    Here is alle the code for that one enemy. I highlightet the part with the error

    Does someone know whats wrong here?

  • Add a "trigger once" system condition to the two events. Currently the event repeats every frame so every frame the animation restarts back to the first frame

  • I tried that! It plays only the first frame, too.. then he immediately starts walking again T_T

    edit: I think i got it fixed! i had to put the animation out of the action left and action right conditions

    edit edit:

    Now he doesn't stop and keeps walking, but is doing the animation.. I'm confused

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  • Isn't the "X is mirrored" an "Is mirrored" swapped?

  • nope :/ the animations is triggered on the right point, but that guy just isn't standing still

    edit: you are the copy girl guy? amazing!!

  • I was reading the 2 statements and fill the same way if is not mirrored / set not mirrored are conflicting statements should not be needed.

    also where x-22 and x+22 should be set to image points as to whether the player is over right or left.

    because you have conflicting is greater X-22 and is less then x

  • oh... so what should i put there instead of those x-values?

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