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  • Hello!! I introduce myself as a new Member in this community of developers! My problem is that not be as put it in landscape mode, I have a nokia lumia 720 with windows phone 8 do the project, exported with visual you installed on the phone but it appears vertically and looks small. What I do is that at the time of executing the game do so horizontally so the player can dispose of more screen for its playability! I hope to understand this is translated by google translator. I hope answers from already thank you!

  • You need to make sure you set the game to landscape in the project properties.

  • I have the settings set for Mobile if that's what you mean, here you'll have to spend as project properties, appreciate you to read it and tell me what's wrong, or failing that if you could explain step by step how to configure if not much trouble! Or if there any tutorial.

    Project Settins:

    First layout > (default)

    Use loader layout: No

    Pixel rounding : Off

    Window Size: 1280, 720

    Configuration Settins:

    Preview browser: (default)

    fullscreen in browse: letterbox integer scale

    Use iOS retina display: All devices

    Hide address bar : Yes

    Enable WebGL : On

    Sampling: Linear

    Loader style: Progress bar & logo

    pause on unfocus: no

    Clear background : No.

    These are, excuse my bad English, use translator because I speak Spanish.

    From already thank you very much!

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  • Hi,

    there is a setting in the "Configuration Settings" part where it says "Orientations". Try setting this to "Landscape".

    Not all devices support that though.

    Also: Check if you are using the latest version of Construct2. I cannot recall some of your settings.

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