probably an easy problem...

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  • Okay I got help from "smitchell" thank you. But now I have some more similar problems.... I have my "box" who travels to "door" then it changes to the next level (layout) and then it should go the same... "Box" to "door" the second time, well now it should change to layout 3... but it doesn't.... what is it that I've done wrong?

    BTW my main menu isn't working either.... I've tried with a button that should take you to layout 1 but nothing happens...

  • Please upload your capx so we can see the problem.

    Few things I can think of -

    Your using the same event sheet for level 2 so it's telling you to go to the layout your all ready on.

    Or you have not assigned the collision detection on the level2 event sheet.

    If none of the above are the issues then a quick solution is to clone the door, name level2door ect then test for the collision on each layout with the appropriate door.

    As for the menu. Make sure you have a menu event sheet

  • okay well how do I upload the game so you can see where my problem is?

    I just have the first event sheet that you start with... I don't know how to create another one :/

  • Get an account at Upload the CAPX to the public folder an copy the link to the forum.

  • Thank you :) well I just found the second event sheet... ;)

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  • There's a tutorial HERE on using DropBox.

  • Okay I will upload the game later, becasue I fixed all my problems... for now, it was that I needed new event sheets :) Thanks for the help guys!

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