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  • Im not sure whether this problem is apparent on the final item, but if I press the play icon, I am led to a browser window with a TV screen, expecting to be able to play with my experimental games, but nothing ever shows, its just a blank black screen. Do I need to do anything in particular?

    Running free version of Construct 2 on Windows 7 64bit

  • Tried pasting the preview URL on Mozilla and it works fine, does anyone know what setting is wrong with Internet Explorer?

  • What is your version of IE. HTML5 is supported only in IE9.

    There might be other troubles though, check this topic.

    You can set in C2 on which browser you wish to preview when selecting the root of your project (in the "Projects" tab) and setting the "Preview browser" property.

  • Thanks, thats useful to know, I thought I would have to change default browser. Im using the latest version of IE 9, Ill check out the topic you mentioned.

  • I think Ill just use Mozilla as a default preview for now thanks.

    I do however have another issue with Construct 2 itself, Its easier to explain with a picture:

    As you can see, when I attempt to create a new project, the text and information is distorted and collapsed. Any fixes?

  • The same issue was reported in "Bugs" a few posts ago.

    You should uninstall/reinstall C2, it should correct everything.

  • Thanks, I guess its useful for you for me to say on my part that before installing Construct 2 I had Construct 1 already installed. While installing Construct 2 It provided me with a prompt stating that Construct 2 was already installed, probably presuming the first release of the engine was the second. I expect this is how the corruption occured.

    I will uninstall both, then reinstall Construct 2, thanks again!

  • After 3 reinstalls, on two different hardrives, one including my Windows installation, I am still receiving the same problem, im using r70, but still the menus are collapsed.

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  • I'm not following your issue: what do you mean by "...but still the menus are collapsed"? A couple obvious questions: 1. What is your user access control settings, 2. What anti-virus are you using and 3. are you installing the program with administrative rights invoked or are you installing from an admin account? I ran into this issue when adding an effect to Everything else worked fine, except for pyrochild's liquify effect. It turned out to be my security settings were disallowing the .dll from running. Removing the offending .dll, switching to my admin account and replacing it solved the problem.

  • Look at my previous posts, the image I provided explains the problem in more detail. UAC is off and has been ever since I can remember.

    I'm using avast anti virus.

  • I tried installing with Anti-Virus disabled but I still receive the same problem, I now have another one though it appears, when it starts, I no longer receive that splash screen, instead, a prompt appears telling me that its unable to create an empty document

  • Ive got more problems now, Its not Constructs fault, its Internet Explorers, but I don't believe that Internet Explorer is causing my Construct Menu to collapse, but I do believe Its causing the Empty Document error I'm getting.

    Ive spent hours trying to fix my other error, see this question I posted on Microsoft Answers: Question Link

    I'm not sure if anyone could solve that, but I'm just saying.

  • There's something I'm missing there.

    Ashley, could you take a tlook at this topic, see what could help Rossrox please ?

  • The easiest thing to do is switch to Google Chrome which is faster, has better features and is more regularly updated than IE9, and even works on Windows XP. You don't have to use it for your day to day browsing either - you can just set 'Preview browser' to 'Chrome' in project properties to use it instead of IE.

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