How do I Preview on lan using OSX

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  • Hello everyone, i just setted up C2 in a macbook pro using Parallels with windows 8.1, i did the "preview on lan tutorial" and yes, the game runs on a IP instead of "localhost" but the problem its that when im trying to open the ip in my phone to test a game, the phone cant connect, i tried the same with a computer and it cant connect, i already have a PC with C2 installed and i always preview on lan with no problems, but i think im missing a step that have to do with OSX preferences (maybe)

    is there anyone here that use OSX and C2?

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  • The VM is probably using a special network configuration that doesn't work the same as having the machine on the Wifi/LAN. I think it works something like by simulating a network connection between the VM and host machine. Unfortunately I'm not sure how you'd configure this so the VM can access the same Wifi network in the same way. Maybe there are some networking options in Parallels.

  • thanks ashley, i will check that

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