How do I Preview Over LAN

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  • This is more of a tech question.

    I have successfully used this feature many times.

    However, after moving, and adjusting the IP settings and such for the new LAN, no devices can preview! (other than the main computer)

    Has anyone encountered this problem? All devices report "The site took too long to respond."

    edit: all devices have been used successfully in the past. I am very confused.

    This occurred after updating from r227 to r244(?)

    Also, the sprite edit tool is not functioning... colors don't display or draw.

  • Are you sure all devices are using the same wifi network? I have two networks running here and, sometimes, when a device switches automatically to the secondary one, while my computer is on the primary, I got a similar problem.

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  • Thanks Bruno for the reply

    I have checked my wifi, and all are connected to the same network

    Previously, when I used this function my router only had one wifi network.

    My current bugged setup uses a router with two wifi networks: A and B.

    All devices are connected to B. (Tried A, no difference)


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