How do I Preview on iOS over LAN (Release 221)?

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  • In the past, I have been able to set the preview location to my IP address and then Run the project, type in "(ip):(port#)" on the iPhone, and would be able to preview game on iOS. Now, this doesn't seem to work. Does Construct 2 not do this anymore, or is it maybe a flaw in the iPhone?

    Also, Construct 2 lists my IP address as, which doesn't seem right (that means private network, right?). Don't most IP addresses start with 192.168...?

  • You can use Windows Command Prompt to get your IP address.

    The command is "ipconfig".

    The two LAN subnets are 192.168.*.* and 10.0.*.* and most routers that I have ever used make use of the 192.168.*.* subnet.

  • gumshoe2029 I tried ipconfig but nothing with 192.168... came up. Only the It never used to be this way until recently, maybe it has to do with my router then.

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  • Yea, it is set in your router's firmware.

    If you do "ipconfig" then write down the "Default Gateway" then go to a browser and type in that IP, you will get to the router's firmware where you can change that value.

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