How do I preview compressed project?

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  • Was messing with export options for some sprites and decided to turn them to jpeg with 0 quality just to see if that works in preivew. Turns out it doesn't - all sprites are high quality as usual. True quality shows up only after export and that's understandable cause compression takes additional time.

    But my question: how do I preview a project with compressed sprites? Is it possible? If not then we miss a necessary option cause we won't be able to analyze the game properly at least on phones and tablets(I think so).

    Oh and a sub question - does jpeg or PNG-8 compression help increase performance on mobile devices?

    Forward thanks!

  • because jpeg and png-8 compression only change the download size and nothing in-game (all images are fully unpacked in the memory) using compressed sprites in preview wouldn't make any difference in performance.

    So while playing the game a 64x64 pixel sprite will use 64x64x4 bytes independent of the compression or format it was saved with.

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  • Gaaaaaah sad to hear this

    Anyway thanks for the info!

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