How do I prevent sprites sticking

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  • Developing the game I found that if I have 1vs1 battle and the enemy is without jumping it is quite good, but If I have more than 3 sprites on the scene fighting there are a lot of glitches concerned with sticking. Is there any working solution how to prevent sticking in game? (Im not a native speaker, by sticking I mean that sprites are illegally pined to each, and they can't move and there is no exit)

  • I really dont understand what is your problem. I think will be helpful if you post some prints for the problem/bug , and maybe share the capx.

    (I´m not a native english speaker too, so it is a sum of misunderstoods )

  • pxzin

    I think there can't be misunderstunding with this screen

    These guys are both solids and sometimes they when they overlaped they glitch and can't moved. Who knows what is the reason for that? I'm technically handicaped and can't explain it myself, may be you know the reason?) May be there is easy way how to prevent such glitches? I mean that when I have crowd, there will be a time when the problem will occur. Is this because I'm using Spriter? I don't think that this is actually an event problem, if it doesn't mean that problem can be solved with true events

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  • To avoid glitchs with colisions in complex sprites, i frequently use hitboxes. You dont use , right?

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