How do I prevent a Spriter assertion failure?

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  • I think Im getting close to finishing all the necessary features of my game in order to be able to soon stop figuring out programming and just focusing on pure level design and object placement, but since Im working on this all by myself and I dont know anyone who uses visual game engines, there are still issues I cant solve by myself.

    So i tried to make the first boss battle. At first I imported the dragons animations as Spritesheets, but the beasts size caused it to take way too much memory. I then decided to import the animations directly from the software I made them on, Spriter. Using the runtime features, I imported the animation files scml and scon, as in the first method described here : ... Bconstruct

    I then programmed the boss. At the first opening both inside Construct 2 and that of an exported C2 file, the code works just as it should, but If the layout has to be restarted, I receive this message

    After clicking Ok, the programming of the boss stops working correctly. Throughout the layout there are invisible point objects in which I have programmed that, every time the dragon collides with one, she will fly to the next one and excecute one of her attack patterns. Basically a circular continuous movement and attacking based on pathfinding behaviour and collision detection. So after I click Ok and the layout restarts the dragon will stop moving after reaching the first waypoint and will just play the default animation. The difference of this happening in the engine and in the game export is that in the latter I dont receive the error message, but still the behaviour goes wrong. Both in C2 and the export I can undo the problem by closing the game window and opening it again. It works first, but fails if the layout has to be restarted in that same game/window opening.

    Has anyone else had this? Can someone help?

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  • This turned out to be worse than I thought. Yesterday I imported a few small spritesheeted objects and C2 didnt keep me on track on the gained memory usage until the next time I opened the project. As the last time before closing C2 it showed 750mb (which made me assume my memory usage was allright), now it showed 950.

    The conclusion is that Id actually need to use the runtime animation importing on everything from now on. Until now I planned to use it just on bosses due to their size, but it turns out I cant.

    So if I have this runtime error now with just ONE object, I would import all the other assets scmls and the game would become completely unplayable.

    This just raises the question, how does one even make a HD Graphics game with C2? So if people are planning to make big games, they will have to use pixel graphics? Thats not an option for me, I have never drawn pixel graphics and I dont even like them much.

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