How do I prevent scale of a single layer(HUD)?

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  • I am aware of parallax and the anchor function, the problem is using scale for zoom.

    I am just wanting to be able to keep text in the same spot on the screen when I zoom in and back out.

    Example would be 5,5 from the top left corner of the viewport and have it ignore scale.

    As of right now I have four layers. Three need to be zoomed in/out while the 4th(Hud) needs to ignore scale. Is there a way to scale all layers at once excluding one or am I going to have to scale three layers one by one with events. Will this cause a visual issue when zooming, like a small lag between layer scaling?

    Perhaps there is another way of making text stay in a specific spot on the viewport that ignores scale?

    I have never actually used anchor for an object before, I assume it won't ignore scale. Is there a way to make it ignore scale? Will that just be a layer problem like the text?

  • [quote:3un0jqmw]Scale rate

    Change the rate at which the layer zooms if scaling is applied to the layer or layout, a bit like parallax but for zoom. A scale rate of 0 means the layer will always stay at 100% scale regardless of the scaling applied. A scale rate of 100 means it will scale normally.

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  • Oh wow.. Can't believe I didn't see that in Layer properties... Thanks.

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