Prevent pausing when not in focus?

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  • Construct by default pauses the application when it is not the main focus, for example the iPod returns to the home menu or the web browser switches to another tab.

    This is normally great, but I might not want that for some slow-paced games that need to run background code when absent. Also, games may create glitches when paused and resumed in this manner.

    Is there any way to negate this "pause when unfocused" behavior?

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  • Some browsers automatically pause the game when it's not in focus, so you can't reliably keep a game running in the background anyway. This is especially important on mobile where users get very annoyed with any apps which continue to drain battery even when in the background. So I don't think this can be changed.

    You can use the wallclocktime system expression to calculate how long the game was in the background for, but that's about it.

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