How do I prevent pathfinding to slow down before stop

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  • Hello all.

    the game is a top down shooter.

    i have a mob, piloted by pathfinding, which is seeking the player and try to catch him.

    when he get close i would like him to accelerate briefly to rush the player.

    but the pathfinding behavior make him slow down before hit is target.

    the player is moving so the mob can never reach him because of that.

    i tried to reduce the deceleration to 0 or with very high value like 5000.

    but nothing works.

    i've tried to desactivate pathfinding at the last moment and use bullet instead, but i run into other issue.

    is somebody have an idea ???


    sorry for the poor english.

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  • hmm my mistake. I specified deceleration in the events and its working a lillte better. it was not took in consideration before due to a poor project organisation./

    thats not perfect but it will do the trick for the moment.

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