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    Those 4 pirates are my basic enemies in my game. how do I make them NOT OVERLAP one another as well as the player (char at the leftmost part of screen)?


    by "overlap", I mean that that each of the characters have a "body", so of course, a body cannot occupy the same space already occupied by another person.

    I first thought of adding solid behavior, but that would result in my chars being treated as a floor (you can step over the object with solid behavior)

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  • Easiest way would probably be setting them to solid and creating on collision events for when you'd land on top of them.

  • what could I possibly use? Aside from using solid behavior, I have thought of manually coding events like using condition "object on collision with" but so far, my problem is what action to use


    btw, I don't see you online in skype anymore. I have another question to ask.

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