How do I prevent a layer from rotating with the Layout?

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  • Hi,

    I just created an inventory for my new game and run into a few problems. The inventory has it's own layer and my game rotates the entire Layout, so the player is always upright (Because my game uses gravity for planets and the player is pulled to the planet and the feet are always facing the core of the planet). So I tried many different things to get the layer not to rotate with the layout but it doesn't work really much. The layer always rotates and only at a specific angle it is straight.

    Maybe one of you has an idea?


  • Is there anything preventing you from just rotating individual layers instead of the entire layout? Seems like a simpler approach than doing everything at once and then trying to exclude certain ones somehow.

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  • Thanks ahr Ech,

    I tried to rotate all layers that i have to rotate and leave the inventory layer as it is now. It works great.

    Thanks again!

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