How do I ...prevent growing memory size of my installed APK?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I see my installed APK on my phone or tablet the memory size growing each time I've played.

    Forexample installed APK 40mb, memory is 0mb.....later on after played, memory is 7mb.....later on after played again, memory is 12mb....etc, etc.

    How could that happend? Could it be my Webstorages? How can I solve this?

    Thanks and regards,


  • I am really not familiar with Androit, but could it be that you're only playing for a few seconds every time and the game doesn't have time to fully download? Maybe then the memory size won't grow past the game's total size (which you said is 40mb)?

    Unless it's an app that's already fully downloaded into your phone...

  • Kan he is talking about an APk so it is fully installed. Yu Ho BY memory are you referencing to cache or data size because yes that is your game saves and any other data your game make i.e google play logins.

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  • Eyy guys... it's like this (shown at App info of my android phone):


    • Application = 47,95 MB (this is always the same)
    • App SD-card = 0,00 B (this never change I think)
    • Data = 7,32 MB (this change drasticly to quit big number after played each time).
    • SD-carddata = 108 KB (this won't go much bigger, from time to time I think)


    • Buffer 112 KB (this won't go much bigger, from time to time I think)

    It's about the Data (I've called it memory in the previous message), but does it really get that much bigger? Because I got other app-games, which has around 20 Webstorage functions, will this grow so big like 200 MB? Im worried that my apps will crash on customers phone if they ran out memory...

    Is there any solutions for this?

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