How do I prevent disconnected player from ending the game ?

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  • well maybe my title is confusing but the question is simple

    i have a two player turn based game ( just the idea and thinking about possible errors and challenges) and i want to make a reconnect option.

    as far as i tested the multiplayer plugin:if you disconnect from the game you cannot re enter the game

    i want a reconnect option for host and peer so if one of them disconnects ( no internet or something like that ) the game stops and waits for the player to reconnect but if the disconnected player didn't reconnects in 30 seconds the game ends right there.

    the second part about ending the game is achievable but i don't know how to make the reconnect option

    thank you in advance

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  • You can try having a host player hosted on your server, then just have both players connect to that host peer.

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