How do I prevent a click from affecting multiple layers?

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  • My game's main menu is structured with sub-menus that open as stacking layers. In the Open Profiles -> Manage Accounts stack, the Close Window button for both sub-menus occupies the same x/y space on two separate layers. However, when I click to close the Manage Accounts sub-menu/layer, the click affects the Profiles sub-menu close button as well, and both sub-menus/layers disappear.

    The events are structured in a way that prioritize the sub-menus based on visibility, so it's more or less written to do exactly what's happening. Is there a way to limit the input of the mouse click to prevent this input from going through layers? I can reform the sub-menus, sure, but if I can do it in events I'd like to know. Thanks in advance.

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  • I've had this problem before...

    What I did was have a global variable... then each menu had a certain number...

    You could only click on the button when it's number was in the variable...

    You could also just move the menu buttons in and out when opening menus...

  • I kind of had this problem before. Give my thread a read, and see the solutions further down (disregard thread title, just read further down/next page as well!).

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