How do I prevent a button to trigger several events at once?

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  • Well, I have an issue with the XBOX gamepad but it will probably happen with other keybinds.

    Due to that stupid browser protection, I have to press one of the buttons of the XBOX gamepad to recognize it. The problem is, I can't press any button. It has to be either A, B, X or Y. I was happy using "Start" to trigger an event but it doesn't work. This is how it works.

    1. Focus the browser window

    2. Press either A, B, X or Y

    3. Press Start.

    It's really stupid, but that's how it works. So I changed the Start button to A so now it triggers like this:

    1. Focus the browser window

    2. Press either A, B, X or Y to enable gamepad

    The problem is, that I have a selectable menu with variables and all, and I need to press A to actually enable all gameplay behaviors (the game and the menus are on the same Layout and I want it to keep it that way)

    So, when I press A, the game automatically starts, skipping the selectable menu completely!

    I can't find a good solution to this, so any help will be appreciated.

    Some solutions I thought that can't be done or I don't know how.

    1. Trigger X, B or Y button on the gamepad when I press Start

    2. Using trigger once or "on release" - it just doesn't work, everything happens too fast and the menu is skipped anyways

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  • Add a boolean to some object or text.

    Set to true after button click, only allow to click if not true

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