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  • I'm sorry if this is already covered elsewhere, I couldn't find the answer in the manual or forums. How would I prevent a user from exiting an app on a mobile device? Because of the nature of the app, only the phone's owner will know how to exit the app. Is there a way to lock the device's home button? I have heard of setting a device to kiosk mode, but I didn't know if this was possible through Construct 2, or perhaps editing the build? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  • I have also been looking for this, I'm working on a kids app and I want to lock it so the kids don't exit the app and start exploring there parents cell phone. I haven't found a solution yet either :(

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  • Hmmmm... I really need some options here before my Final Release. I have to have this feature or a lot of parents will very disappointed in my game when there child exits the game and starts messing with there phone.. I have searched the Manual,Tuts,Forums/Google.. and I just have not been able to locate a answer at all. Will some wise person please have the answer. Thanks in advance.

  • I've looked a little more into it, and it seems that it won't be possible through Construct 2. You could have an instructions screen for the parents which explains how to use Guided Access (for iOS6) or some kind of parental controls for other devices. Other than that, there is not much we can do.

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