How do I prevent AI bots from leaving the layout?

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  • How do I prevent AI bots from leaving the layout?

  • What are AI bots and why are they leaving the layout?

  • AI = Artificial intelligence^^ So its some sort of an enemy but it just moves around and doesnt hurt you (to be exact little white cute bugs that fly around) :]

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  • I know what AI is, thanks..

    Any answer on why they are leaving the layout?

    Other information that could be usefull:

    What kind of behaviour do they have?

    What kind of events are attached?

    How big is the layout?

    Why shouldn't they leave?

    Would creating a new one outside the viewport be enough if they leave the layout?

    If not, why not?


    I mean, you could have them not leaving the layout if you prevent them from moving, but I guess that's not the answer you are looking for..

  • Behaviors: Bullet, Solid, Pathfinding, Sine.

    Events: On start of layout|Set Bullet angle of motion to random(360) degress - I wanted to give them a pathfinding movement but this was just fine.

    Layout size: 1708, 14000

    Reason to not leave the layout: I want them to fly around forever and not to all exit the layer because it get's so empty and sad than :[ I guess creating a new one outside the viewport could work fine.. I hope that doesn't affect performance bcuz there are many of them flying around..

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