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  • TWO keys being pressed

    Blz guys, I'm making a shooting game, where the command for me - could press two keys in a row - without interfering with other animation?

    • I want the character to shoot (by pressing BUTTON UP and shoot by pressing X).

    Problem is that it has an animation only for the command PRESSING UP, is giving conflict.


    Dos teclas que se pulsan

    Chicos Blz, estoy haciendo un juego de disparos, donde el comando para mí - podría presionar dos teclas en una fila - sin interferir con otra animación?

    • Quiero que el carácter para disparar (pulsando el botón UP y disparar pulsando X).

    Problema es que tiene una animación única para el comando presionando arriba, está dando conflicto.

  • Try to use OR option :

    When Up is pressed


    When X is pressed ------------ set animation to (Shoot)

  • Try to use OR option :

    When Up is pressed


    When X is pressed ------------ set animation to (Shoot)

    In that case you just gave the command to change key.

    I want to make the same motion shoot for the top (like game Metal Slug)

  • Hola

    Mira a ver si te funciona esto:

    Cuando se pulse X y un subevento cuando se pulse Up

    • When Up is pressed -> acciones
    • When X is pressed -> When Up is down -> acciones
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  • Thanks guys, already solved the problem.

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