How do I preserve container position relationship?

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  • So I've realized I can get better behavior by creating and destroying objects as needed rather than hiding them outside of the layout. But when I create an object everything attached to that object via a container appears on top of a single point. I would like to preserve the positional relationship. I have the objects in the container pinned to the parent (and this is performed at layout start) but this doesn't seem to help.

    How do I make sure the my tank has the barrel in the proper position when I create a new one rather than the barrel appearing on top of the tank?

  • It looks like I'll have to create an image point for each object and an event to move and pin each object on the parent at creation.

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  • You need to ajust the positions of your element when they are created. Best way to do that is to use the "on created" trigger.

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