How do I preserve car drifting using physics?

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  • The car moves and drift well but when i add the "physics" behaviour the car stops drifting and move/rotate perfectly.

    So, how can i get Car+Physics behaviour without lose the "drift recovery" from the Car behaviour?

    Here is the capx: ... test1.capx

    Enable/Disable the Physics behaviour to see the problem.

    Edit: I need the physics for other car/objects collisions

  • Updated the example adding another car to test car+physics collisions.

    I'm trying to set some physics parameters as the car ones to avoid the physics remove the "dirft recovery" behaviour but without success .

    Any idea?

  • Maybe try this behavior:

    The normal car behavior doesn't play well with physics

  • Maybe try this behavior:

    The normal car behavior doesn't play well with physics

    R0J0hound , Not works, error with the plugin to read "joints" :S

    The behaviour is from 2012 , i guess now some things changed and not works well :S

    Somebody know how to solve it? CodeMasterMike ?

    EDIT: Well Seems i can set for my project, but i can't open the examples and get this error ¿? mmm

    Well, i go to test the plugin to see if i can get this works.

    EDIT 2:

    Nothing! In the moment i set the wheels(I guess the joints) when i try to run i get the error i posted above.

    EDIT3: Here is where seems to crash:

    var leftJointDef = new Box2D.Dynamics.Joints.b2RevoluteJointDef();[/code:2k1j4syc]
  • And without that, there is no way to use the Car Behaviour + Physics without lose the drift recovery? Or Car behaviour + something to give some kind of collisions that works?

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  • Hmm, I don't know why it does that. I really don't enjoy diving into javascript to debug something I didn't write.

    You could probably do something else, maybe with just the physics behavior? Either by modeling how the car physics really works or fake it somehow. What i'd do is make a list of things I want to do and figure them out. If any are too complex, I'd break them down further till I just have a bunch of simple things I can do that I piece back together.

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