How do I make preload sounds work.

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  • Hey there everyone.

    I have a loading screen layout that takes about 5 seconds to complete. After that it loads the second layout which is a menu. In this menu if you press up or down there is a "play" event with a small menu sound.

    The thing is, with or without preload sound on, every time I get to the menu I only get sound after 2-3 seconds after the first "play" event. After that, all sounds play correctly. Even putting a "preload" event on the loading screen doesnt help.

    I managed to get it "working" by putting a "play" event on the loading screen. The sound doesnt actually play there but when it gets to the menu layout (5 seconds later), sounds work instantly.

    So in the end it seems like all "preload" events/features are broken? And that sounds in construct 2 only load after the first "play" event happens?


    *Construct 212.2 preview on "Chrome 45.0.2454.101 m" and latest NW.js

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  • I have the same problem on WIndows Phone.

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