How do I preload all sounds?

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  • The game in html5 doesnt load the sounds until they are played for the first time. Is there any way to preload all sounds in the loading so they are all ready when the game starts?

  • Have you tried using the "preload" function from the audio section?

  • Added a preload for all sounds on start of layout in Loader Layout. It seems to work now, but the game gets stucked in the loading, the "Go to Main Stage" action doesnt work after the loading is supposed to be finished, so i need to refresh the browser to get it to load again and then it works. :S

  • Well, as im testing it, sometimes work, sometimes not... sometimes load sounds and not music...

  • fire Totem Arena

    I've the same problem. Did you fix it?

  • If you want an extreme loading time, then you can preload everything, but I think better practice would be to find an event somewhere before the said sound effects / music triggers. Maybe only preload the absolutely necessary sounds per layout, not everything in one shot.

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  • I have more than 50 sounds in my game.

    When the player in main menu i preload 5 sounds that will play in the start of the first layout.

    When the player in the first layout i preload the rest of the sounds.

  • It'd be good to have the option to just preload all of the audio as part of the loading of the entire game. I know using this would mean longer overall load times, but not everyone minds that.

    The preload thing works, but it's not a very elegant solution - I have a huge block of about 50 sounds preloading on my first layout's event sheet because I don't like the way the sound stutters on first play otherwise, and I have to remember to add them manually to the block each time I add a new sound. Maybe a "Preload All" option or something?

  • Yes, i finally made the game preload all the sounds as a part of the preloader. I prefer a longer loading time than ingame sound lag. It could be good that Construct 2 gives more options to configure the sound loading and the preloader event in general.

  • Yes, i finally made the game preload all the sounds as a part of the preloader.

    Hi fire Totem Arena

    Could you tell how you did it?

  • On start of loading layout i make it to "preload" all sounds (one by one). Then once the game loading is complete, i make the loader also wait for the all sounds preload event.

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