Preload Sound APK issue - SOLVED

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  • hi everyone,

    i have built an android apk of my game, using crosswalk and cordova, i have 3 musics on my game And a dozen of sound effects in .ogg format at very small size (each 10Kbytes more or less)

    the problem that i have noticed is that running with preload sounds option enabled the game It takes about a minute to start

    without preloading sounds the game Starts immediately.

    im sure that smallest sound effects isn't the problem, because i have tried to move all sound effects in Music folder, Whose files as you know are NEVER preloaded, and starting the game with preload option enabled and SE folder EMPTY, takes EQUALLY a minute to start

    What could be the problem for you?

    EDIT solved by preloading each files with single preload event at firs layout start, no preload otpion enabled, no loader layout.

    i think the problem is some Incompatibility between android crosswalk and "preload sounds" option.

    Now everithing work fine and preloading my sound folder is a joke

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