How do I preload all PROJECT FILEs

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  • Dear all,

    Recently I am making a game that require project files (images). Sometimes the game did not run as I expected due to image failed to load.

    My current method:

    • I tried by loading all images (~300 images 100*100 px) in project files in the 1st layout, so when I go to the layout that need specific image that image is loaded, so no problem for failing load image.

    My problems:

    + In the 1st layout I could not determine the trigger when ALL IMAGES was loaded by on loader layout complete.

    + I could not calculate remaining time for loading ALL IMAGES

    + Loadingprogress did not include requiring time for loading ALL IMAGES

    My next approach is to load all image as ANIMATION FRAMEs. However, I did not know how to use each FRAME's IMAGE as IMAGE in another layout to prevent re-load that image.

    Do you know any method to solve my problem?

    Thank you!

  • When it says that assets are loaded by their respective objects layout by layout, do you understand how that works?

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  • newt: I understant! However, I want to learn the technique that pre-load all Projet Files of NEXT layout.

    My new method: Use rex_sprite_animation_loader Plugin to load ALL PROJECT FILES into Sprite's FRAME. However, I need time to check whether it solve my problem or not.

  • It's not going to solve the problem.

    That plug is mostly useful if the assets aren't stored locally.

    The standard method of loading assets layout by layout is the best.

    If you are having issues loading that way there are only two possibilities:

    A: The assets are too large/ too many

    B: The server has issues

    It's less likely to be the server.

    Loading using the url is a spurious method if all the files are saved in the same place.

  • newt: Thank you!

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