How do I Preload another game project while in another?

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  • Hi,

    Been trying to make research to figure this out but to no avail, so need some advise from the experts here.

    Current situation, I am trying to make one game project that can link to another upon certain actions. So I am trying to figure a way if we can pre-load the other game while playing in the current one. This way, the gamer wont have to wait for the loading process but rather can immediately be diverted to the other game file upon successfully complete the action.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can educate me on this one.

  • Hey, are talking about a web browser game? Where one webpage loads as another one loads? Because I don't understand why you would want to launch two apps on a device?

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  • Yes, its html game, as for the reason is I notice if I am to combine all together, the initial loadup is getting longer, so I intend to split them into this format. So I am not sure if it can be done.

    Edit: I did comes by the manual mentioning "project files", but was unable to find any related instruction on how to go about it.


    a) If a gamer is to finish one level and is to travel to another game level, what should I add into the project file to bring him to another level.

    b) If the 2nd level gameplay is totally different, how am I to link it with a new Event script.


    Might be a bit confusing, but hope I am making it clear of my concern lol

  • I think I can actually help, but I didn't find a way to add links to games. This is my suggestion--

    a) Use the "include event sheet" in the eventsheet. Just right click on the eventsheet and look for include eventsheet.

    You can then import all the coding you've done from the other eventsheet.

    I just found this can cut down on code, because you can make 1 event sheet for character animation and just include it in other eventsheets.

    b) Don't-- all you need to do is create a variable (i.e. a score, time, door) that would open the layout.

  • Thanks BurningWood,

    Not sure is this what I am looking for, cause my game is expanding infinitely. But I will give it a test.

  • Hi,

    I have tested the "include event sheet" and figured out how it works proper, thanks BurningWood. However this lead to my 2nd half of my newbie question.

    Any way to deal with all the Object Type similarly? Meaning for different layout, I will use some different graphics, monsters, items etc etc. And I notice that as my game creation progresses, the initial load-up time will increases. Is there a way to load only what is needed for that layout and subsequently load the necessary graphics before the next layout.

    Thanks for any advise.

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