How do I preload 500 audios, manualy!?

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  • The company where I work, works with focused games for hearing care down so it's lot of audios in the project.

    Not to weigh the connection, the manual preload would be ideal. So I can perform the download by level. I make the choice of audios by XML.

    But the "on preload complete", is triggered so start EventSheet,. And as the C2, already has by default load demand, the first time that the audio plays, gets the delay, but not the second. This I infer that it is not to have downloaded the audio.

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  • Quote from

    "It is important to organize audio files appropriately, because audio files in the Sounds project folder are downloaded completely before playing, but files in the Music folder are streamed. This means if a Music track is accidentally put in the Sounds folder, it would have to download completely (which could take a couple of minutes) before it started playing. However, audio in the Music folder can start playing immediately since it is streamed from the server."

    So the first thing to do is to make sure any Audio files you want to play immediately should go probably in the Sounds folder...

    I would run a test first with just a few Audio files and place them in the sounds folder first then test it ...and then test against Audio files in the Music Folder

    and see which works best

    Obviously The sounds folder Files need to be Preloaded first using the method you mentioned

    Hope that helps

  • Thanks mystazsea the Reply,

    The problem is that for some reason the function of 'on preload complete', is already started so start EventSheet. I do not know if it could be a bug or I did something wrong.

  • You could try Grouping the PLay audio files Events in a Group and switch it off until the preload is complete

    Entire groups can also be enabled or disabled with the 'Set Group Active' system action, which is useful for situations like pausing the game.

    essentially...nothing else will happen until the Preloading is complete

    something like


    System->Set Group Active "Your Audio play event group"

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