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  • Greetings All!

    My goal is to build a series of preferences/settings pages for my app in C2. I assume the best approach is to have an object in the main layout send the user to another layout which has the various categories and sub texts. To help you see what I am aiming for, the design will follow many aspects of the mobile Skype app.

    Initially, I set up layers within the Pref layout to handle the various components, but that requires several "Set Position to (x, y) actions which have to manage a multitude of Text objects with and without hyperlinks. As it develops, it occurs to me there might be a more efficient way to solve this fundamental aspect of most game apps. Most of the responses are check-box in nature, but will include the user inputting data to an array via keyboard.

    Does anyone know of an example I could run in C2 or have suggestions on how this would be best resolved?

    Thanks in advance for you ideas!

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