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  • hello,

    I 'm designing a game for android, and as I have understood the maximum size for uploading a game on google play is 50mb .

    My game has very few images but has a long code . This game has 40 levels and each level has 30-50 events.

    I wanted to know if this long code greatly increase the size of the game or is no problem.The problem is that it is very laborious to create all levels and I'm afraid that will not work then by size

    It is the first time I design a game and I still have not bought the version of android, so I can not check myself.

    Sorry if I make a spelling mistake not speak good English

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Most of the size will come from images and audio + since you have to include some browser engine stuff into your apk to run your html 5 game, you need to add roughly 20 MB. So a rough estimation would be:

    Size of you game exported to html 5 + 20 MB, I think.

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  • ok thank you very much , this is good news for me.

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