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  • Hello, my name is Willian and I am newbie here in the forum and Construct 2 also hope, will be that this forum seems to be very interesting. Well, I'm here to ask your help with a simple question, what would be the correct logic for me to do a countdown, which when it came to the value "0" the game would end.

    Thanks for the understanding of all, even more.

  • This is an English speaking forum, please stick to English or provide a translation.

  • I'm assuming you speak Portuguese:

    Nas condições tem a opção "Every Second" só use-a para fazer o que você quer.

    No caso a logica seria criar uma variavel global.

    Every Second - variavel-1

    E criar outra condição de quando variavel=0 Destruir o player, mover para outro mapa, enfim, o fim do jogo.

    Isso é logica Basica. E Tente a Arena Livre, lá é um bom forum em portugues que está começando a evoluir no Construct2 'u'

  • Hey. You might have missed something. Riiiiight above your post.

  • Arima, he tried to help him. I'm Brazilian, I also speak two languages, we are here to help, aren't we?

    Willian, crie um "Every 1 Second", uma Global Variable, dê um valor inicial no "Start of Layout", e "Every 1 Second" coloque "Subtract from (...) 1 point". A cada 1 segundo ele tirará 1 do valor e ai está seu Countdown.

    I didn't want to sound rude, Arima, sorry if it seems that.

  • pedropss - I didn't mean to imply that I was unhappy with him helping - it's simply the policy of this forum for everyone to stick to English, or to additionally provide a translation. It becomes very difficult for us to moderate when we have to translate everything but by bit.

  • Arima, I didn't mean that and I understand you, no problem. :3

  • Then create forums for other language ​​... not everyone knows English and many people need help

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  • Then create forums for other language ??... not everyone knows English and many people need help

    They probably would, but they need even tempered people, who speak the specific language to moderate them.

  • I'm sorry, i am BR hu3hu3 :v

    But, thanks

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