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  • Hello all, Sorry for my bad english at first. :D

    I'm trying to make shooting game (which is like touhou / raiden, etc...) and trying to make precise movement for bullet in position and time like path or interpolation, but want to make by default behaviors.

    The problem is, If I set position for object for condition for next movement sequence, for precise position waypoint moving, It is not same in time (for example, object created in same interval) ... and other side, If I just pass to next movement, the values are vary because of C2 is time-based...

    then I thought I can calculate remain dt for extra movement, but It looks hard and dizzy (If movement is composed of several behavior in one time... urghhh!)... I think C2 does not support using custom dt, then seems like making new plugin or editing existing one is better choice, but I can't make plugins, because I don't know JS well.

    Yes, the problem is in Reproducinig of movement sequence that is not related to framerate (which is C2's concept). and I'm repeating for clearance of my think, I want to make sequence in style of already implemented behaviors, like bullet (with acceleration), rotation which is time based.

    I looked for custom movement, but It has only stopping step, no function like "continue in next movement with remain dt" was there.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    (moving to right)

    I have no idea with solving this problem. thank you for reading... nevertheless of bad explanation. If there are an agressive expression, It's not pretended.

    edit : in short, I want to make "precise waypoint movement with combination of default behaviors (like bullet, rotate, etc), but not loosing any time", but how?

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