How do I pre-render images?

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  • In something like SDL I would be able to just blit my bitmaps onto a new surface, in construct2 the only real option seems to be pinning sprites, that's all well and fine, but gets messy with complicated things (for example, a pinned on head would need to bob 1px every few frames to sync with a walking animation)

    I have a follow up question about performance:

    Take the thought example of taking 3-4 base bodies, and randomly assigning them faces, now putting a bunch of these actors on the stage/layout... Is it more performant to render a pre-rendered image for each actor, or is it more performant to pin 20 different heads on 3-4 base bodies. (effectly reusing the bodies and some of the faces)

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  • It would depend on the number of frames for the pre render, and, or size, but thats for memory.

    Neither have much effect on performance

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