Pre-analysing Audio (For Audiosurf-like Games)?

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  • Been looking into the neat audio analysis that C2 provides as an audio effect since I'm considering creating a game that utilizes beat detection and said audio analysis to provide an interactive game that performs with the music being played.

    My main concern is that, in order to analyse an audio clip before actually playing it, I would have to have C2 run through the entire audio clip before being able to allow the user to play using said clip. Kind of like the how the current example uses FFTs and Frequency Bins.

    What I would like to know how to do is, if possible, pre-analyse audio clips to determine bpm and other characteristics in order to generate a playable level that can then be interacted with according to the music being played.

  • Has anyone used the audio analyser before? I've taken a look at the example capx, but that is only analyzing the audio clip while it plays.

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  • Hey there!

    Sorry for bumping an almost year old post, but I've came across this thread looking exactly for the same answer.

    I imagine you already managed to do this.

    In case you didn't, I'll do it anyway ("soon") and let you know.

    Anyway, cheers for creating this thread DatapaWolf!

    Great minds think alike :p

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