How do I make power balls

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  • Hi. sorry for my english. i have some question.

    i want to create the 34 ball and when i selected 5 ball i want create new 14 ball. how can i destroy old 34 ball and create new 14 ball . but i don't want destroy selected ball logs.

  • I'm afraid this screenshot alone can't help us to help you.

    Please attach your full capx, that will make it easier for us to understand what you did so far and propose you a solution to your issue.

    Or at least allow a discussion to check out further what is it you are trying to achieve.

  • Here is the example. Choose five ball and coming the results screen. after select 1 ball more . its ok

    But i want destroy old 34 ball and create new 14 ball for +1 more ball.

    example: 15,16,17,18,19 + 9

  • Does anyone help?

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  • Does anyone help?

    It uses 3rd party plugin... No one is going to install phonegap capture to view it. That is why nobody replying.

    I don't know what you doing... but

    Try using repeat 34 times and run loopindex, or use for each ball. Or pick instances.

  • Sorry,i forgot it. I've added a non-plug-in version. can u help me?

  • i can't found any solution.

  • re

  • imczx

    sorry, its hard to understand you... can you be more clear??

  • I guess what you are trying to do is after 5 balls are selected you want to destroy the ones not selected and create 14 new balls to select the "extra number"

    This could be easily done by giving the balls a boolean variable selected and setting it to true when clicked.

    when 5 balls are selected

    system pick all balls where selected is false - destroy balls

    then create the 14 new balls

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