Potential bug concerning Import Sprite Strip

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  • C2 freezes every time I select a sprite sheet to import. I have never once been able to import a sprite sheet of any kind. I've attempted to import sprite sheets between 6KB and 30KB, including up to 56 sprites in the largest one (the smallest had a mere 11). I've read every bit of help I could find and I've become completely desperate for help. Even the slightest help or pointer would be great.

    Additionally, when I right-click to open the menu containing "Import Sprite Strip...", the upper five selections within the menu are grayed out as though I can't use them (including "Import Sprite Strip..."), but clicking them makes them function regardless. This may well be a key part of the problem.

    Using r108.2 (64-bit)


  • I accidentally found a strange fix for the issue just now; if I drag the Animation Frames box higher on my screen and drag the Edit Image window off the edge of my screen, the options are no longer grayed out and work correctly. No idea why this is happening.

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