How Do I Post the Time on a Game Over Layout?

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  • In my game, I am using the time as my score and I have a text box which has "Time:" & time. When the game ends, the game goes to a second layout, which has game over and I would like to display the score, which is the time spent in the first layout before it goes to the second layout. I tried to add a textbox in the second layout that had "Final Time:" & time but the time continues to increase when in the second layout. Is there a way to stop the time in the second layout or is there an easier way to achieve this? I am only new to Construct 2 and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Setting timescale to 0 does pause the game. Whatever your time variable is though, at the point where you want it to be stored set the time to a global variable something like CompleteTime so it is static and then display the global variable, that way time can continue but you have the completion time.

  • Thanks for your help

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