How do I POST Score using AJAX?

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  • Hi Guys,

    This may be a dumb question, but POST via AJAX seems not to be working or at least using the online Leaderboard methods mentioned here and here.

    I have updated the PHP/MySQL to conform with version 7.2 and both the savescore.php and getscores.php seem to be working fine as I can read the scores and names I manually added to the database and when I click the submit button I get a new entry in the database but without a name and just a zero (so not getting the score).

    This is what I have in the AJAX Add Action POST to URL DOMAIN_SCORES & "savescores.php?name=" & txtPlayerName.Text & "&score=" & Score.

    Anyone got an idea of what I'm doing wrong?


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  • I was hitting my head on this wall a few days ago.

    What I've done to solve this was wrapping all variables using the URLEncode system expression. So your AJAX action would be like this:

    DOMAIN_SCORES & "savescores.php?name=" & URLEncode(txtPlayerName.Text) & "&score=" & URLEncode(str(Score))

    *Note also that you need to convert your integer/float Score to a string.

  • Hi influogames,

    Thank you for the reply. Please accept my apology for the delayed response, apparently it was a better idea to go and stand in shop queue's all day rather than try to sort this problem out - or at least that's what I was told :)

    I have managed to have a go with the code you provided but still no luck, it still doesn't appear to be sending anything via AJAX POST. Yet, if I pre-fill the variables in the php page it posts the information to the database as I would expect.

    I don't suppose anyone has a working version they could post? Not the ones already listed on this site as they don't seem to be working form me. Failing that, any more ideas would be appreciated.


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