How do I post data using AJAX?

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  • I saw a tutorial on reading data from a web server, but nothing on saving data to an online server.

    I tried using the AJAX Post To URL but I keep getting an error. (I am uploading my build to the same server so crossdomain security shouldn't be the issue)

    All I am trying to do is to upload some text from a form to a text file. From that I hope then to be able to upload images too. The Construct 2 form bit is easy enough, I just need to know to know what the AJAX parameters should be and/or what PHP do I need to call?


  • Construct 2 Event:

    Button : "on clicked" => AJAX : Request URL ( "

    PHP Script (test.php):


    file_put_contents("data.txt", $_GET['myVar']);


  • Cool, but i still cant get it working. (It still errors on the server)

    My path is:


    Is something wrong with that?


  • Hm, what is your exact error?

    Your data.txt have to be created once before you run your script. Just upload an empty "data.txt" to your server.

  • Yeah, I already have a data.txt file there (in the same folder as the test.php file) but it doesn't update.

    I don't have any error information other than I am receiving an AJAX:On error message.

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  • It should work.

    Try to run your php script with your browser to check for errors.

    You can also upload your .capx file so i could take a look at it.

  • Here is the dropbox link to the file. The php on it's own works fine.

  • You dont need the "&" after myVar, but that is not the error.

    So your capx looks right. Test the following

    Open the URL

    After that check your "data.txt". If it dosen't contain "TEST1234" your PHP Script don't work correctly or you dont have permission to write to the file.

  • The data file does contain the TEST1234 string so I do have permission and the PHP is fine.

    When I try the same with Construct 2 calling the php file it doesn't work. I even removed the & but still no success.

  • Maybe a cross-domain security error ;-)

    Whats the URL you uploaded your exported html and js files?

  • The html file is on and the php file is in

    Can't see why there would be a security issue. DO they need to be in the same folder too?

  • Nope they only have to be at the same domain.

    In my current project all AJAX Requests work fine and i'm sorry but i can't figure out where your problem could be. We already checked the most relevant parts.

  • okay thanks. I'll keep looking and post here when I figure it out.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Do you use Firefox with an Addon like "Request Policy" or some crazy restrictive firewall-rules ?

    Capx ... checked

    PHP Script ...checked

    Server config and permission ... checked

    So the last thing we have not checked is your Browser / System ^^

    Good luck finding the error <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hmm, I'm using Chrome & no weird extensions. :)

    For some reason even the php file has stopped working although I haven't changed it.

    Does it matter that I am using the free trial version?

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