Is it Possible to Short Z Order of 2 Different Objects?

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  • My English is not good so i will try to explain myself as good as i can.

    I love making isometric games but there is always be a problem.Shorting z order.

    In some of my projects , i put every elements into the one object family as frames.Then applied "short z order" action.

    This system works but picking instances is so hard with it.

    I want to know , is it possible to short z order of 2 different objects (not instances of same object) by Y axis?

  • You can use the family only to sort Z order.

    If there are many many objects, but the order can be constraint to ordering around a few 'key' objects, you can pre-pick those objects.

    Example with order needed only around the player. (player is also in the family)

    Give player the Line of Sight behaviour with a reasonable range.

    Give the family a family instance variable 'ground'.

    (Player) Has LOS on (family)

    ____For each (family)

    _________Set family.ground to family.y

    ____Empty event

    _________System > Sort Z order > Object = family ... Instance variable = 'ground'.

    You can also pre-pick those that are on screen

    Is on screen (family)

    ____For each (family)

    _________Set family.ground to family.y

    ____Empty event

    _________System > Sort Z order > Object = family ... Instance variable = 'ground'.

  • Good Morning.

    Maybe if you use layers get better, in the coding can define which layer should overlap the others and the objects will overlap those of the other layers, this feature is used for creating RPG games, remembering that we have to observe points of collision.

  • 99Instances2Go Thank you!

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  • Do you mean more layers? I tought more layers can lower the fps.

  • I understand, but my games are created with multiple layers and I have no problems with the gameplay, of course I tested with minimal configuration (Samsung win2 duo -TV) ... and I'm not having problems.

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