Is it possible to setup a proprietary XML pipeline?

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  • Hello,

    I've been enjoying the handy XML tools Construct 2 has to offer, and was wondering if there is an easier way to edit and save my XML file.

    3D engines such as Unity or Unreal feature proprietary pipelines, where you can edit and save 3D assets in another application like Maya or 3ds Max, and the asset automatically updates within the game engine.

    I'm not anywhere close to understanding how that is possible, but I wanted to ask in case it's a feature of Construct I haven't found.


  • Well its 2d , so I don't see where the pipeline is supposed to go other than a 2d image editor.

    While it might be possible to use a multilayered save type, it's certainly not going to happen in Construct 2.

    You could possibly use tif, or Gimp's xcf, but Photoshop's psd, or psb are unlikely since they are proprietary.

    Gif, can be done now, but it's limited by its own specs.

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  • Thanks for the response!

    As I said I'm completely unaware of the limitations to how proprietary pipelines are setup in game engines. I was wondering if a text XML file could be setup in the same way.

    Although, It would be awesome if you can setup images for sprites as well. When you said Gif, are you referring to the file type .gif? Or is there a program with the same name?

  • Yeah drag, and drop .gif as frames in a new sprite, but they are practically useless, no alpha, low quality, etc.

    The only useful purpose of text is for events, and I would expect someone to create some type of editor at some point, but it would be more useful for batching, or correcting errors than event creation.

    There might be a case for an event editor if say C2 were to ever be open sourced, but that's highly unlikely as its direct competition, and should be for several more years.

    Like some bastardized editor made to work with C2 and Godot in 2030.

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